Avoid Focusing on Set-backs and Seek out New Opportunities

In my last blog, the third and last point was labeled:

Avoid Focusing on Setbacks and Seek Out New Opportunities.

When I was writing this last point, it inspired me for my future blogs because I think these points are so important.  Hopefully you too will be inspired and continue to be successful in 2012.   So this week, I am going to talk about…

Avoid Focusing on Setbacks

There comes a time in one’s personal and business life, where a setback comes in and rears its ugly head.  When it does come, because we know at some point it will, a person has two choices. They can either sit there or focus on all the negativity that comes with it.  Or they can come to terms with the reality of the set back  and push forward. 

It is as easy as A.B.C. 

 stands for Ambiguity.   A trait that is tied to most entrepreneurs which holds the meaning: The possibility of interpreting an expression in two or more distinct ways. When facing a setback, especially one that leaves a person in a negative situation, the best thing to do is look at in an ambiguous way.  Instead of focusing on how negative this setback is, look at it in a positive way.  And turn a problem into an opportunity. Real Life Application:  Make a list of 10 to 20 positives you can gleam from this particular setback.   “I am not sure where I’m going but I still prepare myself diligently for the journey every day” ~Peter Baskerville


stands for Build.   A setback requires a person to start over or build from the bottom up.  Take the list that you made of 10 to 20 positives and use them to make a game plan.  Part of making this game plan will help you build confidence not only in yourself but also in keeping a positive outlook on this setback.  “Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
~Jim Rohn


stands for Commitment.   In this time where your environment as well as situation is unstable, you have to be committed.  More importantly, you have to be committed to yourself foremost.  Now that you have made a list, a game plan, write up a commitment contract where you outline what you are committing to.  “There’s a difference between interest and commitment.  When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit.  When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results. ”  ~Tom Robbins

Stay tuned because next week, I am going to explain the second half of this blog’s title: Seek Out New Opportunities.

2 Responses to Avoid Focusing on Set-backs and Seek out New Opportunities

  1. Hi Shannon,
    Love that I found your blog searching for the word focus. It’s so easy to put my attention on what’s not working, instead of on where I’m going. This is a straightforward process to shift results. In three simple steps to refocus, plan and commit. Appreciate your wisdom. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Christiana– thanks for your comment– love that you found me on the web! And YES- so agreed- how when you have 3 simply easy steps, makes things doable… 🙂

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